1. Contact our customer service in wechat, we will send you Google Sheets form to you.

2. Download and login Google Sheets App (PC version no need download)

3. Press on the link we send you in wechat, will show this page, press top right 3 dot place

4. Choose open in Safari (ios) or Internet web browser (android) ,system will jump to Google sheets, start use for order

5. In Taobao app add our warehouse address ,phone number,and your member code, make sure item deliver to our warehouse


6. Google Sheets form key in your parcel detail , if parcel reach our warehouse, system will update parcel status

7. All Parcel reach in warehouse, Choose your preferred shipping way, key in Receiver person detail , wait for shipping fee calculate

8. Online Transfer to us and upload the bank in slip in the form

9. wait for shipping