Lost in transit

If in transit, the shipping company causes the package to be lost. Please contact customer service within 48 hours after finding the problem. If there is no information update after the goods are shipped to Malaysia or customs clearance exceeds 3 working days, please notify the customer service immediately.

If an omission is found, the package will be re-sent to the user. If it is found to be lost, it will be compensated at the lowest cost of 3 times the declared value of the package or 3 times the freight, and the maximum compensation is RM200.

If there is a loss, our company needs to extend the working time of 15 days to investigate the package. Due to multiple departments such as international aviation, multinational customs clearance authorities, and local delivery departments, the investigation time will be longer. Once the loss is confirmed, our company will process and apply for compensation immediately. It takes 3 days to apply for compensation. The financial department will compensate the expenses through compensation and transfer on Friday every week.

Parcel public welfare issues

According to the weight of the package submitted in the waybill after receipt, please contact customer service within 48 hours and attach the photo of the entire waybill weighing information, and provide the package weighing information and the package photo after signing. Due to the need to investigate whether it is missed in the warehouse or stolen by a third party, it usually takes 5 working days to investigate.

If an omission is found, the package will be re-sent to the user. If it is found to be lost, it will be compensated according to the declared value of the package, with a maximum compensation of RM200.

Package dropped / sent to the wrong address

If the shipping company drops the package or sends it to the wrong address, we will be responsible for packing the package back and sending it to the correct address.

Due to the extremely low incidence, we will not provide compensation, but will retrieve the wrong package and replace it with the correct address. All costs shall be borne by us.

shipping delay

Generally, the internal parcel will be sent out on the same day after the payment of the waybill. If the payment time is after 7pm, it will be sent the next day. Delays in delivery caused by non-working days and holidays will not be redistributed. We are responsible for supervising the delivery of packages, such as customs clearance and flights. If there is any delay in the package caused by a third party, we will notify the user as soon as possible.

Waybill modification

If the waybill requested by the user is modified, we need 1 day processing time. The user needs to contact the customer service to notify the modification details, and consider the modification fee of RM3.

Delayed dispatch caused by modifying the waybill will not reschedule the scheduled delivery, we will process the modification and notify the user after the order is completed. Only after receiving the notification can the calculation of scheduling days officially begin.

Using incorrect transportation pipelines, customs clearance delays

If the sensitive items are unable to be cleared/fastened/confiscated due to the use of general cargo transportation pipelines, the user needs to bear the relatively sensitive cost to clear the customs. Confiscated objects cannot be retrieved. We are not responsible for any customs clearance issues and costs caused by incorrect transportation pipelines. If the item is confiscated, we cannot exchange the freight.

If users have any questions about sensitive and common items, please contact customer service.

our exemption clause

  1. This service is based on voluntary principle. The sender only needs to enter the insured amount in the forwarding instruction and pay the corresponding premium to use the insured service. The premium is calculated based on the hundreds of the insured amount.
  2. The scope of non-insurance for consignments includes, but is not limited to: fragile items (commodities packaged in glass bottles, liquids, items that are not easy to store fresh, art, including the use of technology, taste or creativity to create or develop, for sale , Any works displayed or collected, including but irregular, paintings, drawings, vases, embroidery, limited-release prints, fine arts, portraits, sculptures, collections of appreciation, photographic negatives, photographic offsets, photographic slides and antiques, Including any commodity that shows the ancient style, the value of which is caused by its history, age or rarity, and the market price of easily damaged commodities (and parts of commodities) that are particularly easy to change or not easy to determine the value. Including but not Limited to furniture, tableware, glassware, and some coins, stamps, sports cards, gifts and souvenirs. Glassware, including but not limited to, signs, mirrors, pottery, magnets, porcelain, crystal, glass, jewelry, including But not to extend, watches and their parts, cut or uncut precious and inferior jewelry or gems, artificial diamonds and artificial jewelry. Precious metals, including but not limited to gold, silver products, powder, sediment or platinum (electronic machinery Except for components).
  3. If the insured package is lost during transshipment, we will submit an application to the postal company. The postal company will compensate according to the actual purchase amount of the goods, but the maximum compensation will not exceed the insured amount. (Note: Insured parcels of postal companies are generally only guaranteed for loss, not for internal damage)
  4. If the actual value of the items contained in the insured package is higher than the maximum insured price limit of the insured service, and loss occurs, the actual insured amount will be compensated.
  5. If the package that is not insured is lost during the transshipment process, our compensation amount will be based on the actual item value and the compensation of RM200. The compensation amount shall not exceed RM200.
  6. If you find that the package is seriously damaged or there is obvious damage when receiving the goods, please ask China Post or other express companies to issue a certificate of damage in both Chinese and English. The postal company or other courier company will only provide written proof of the delivery party (with the loss of the goods), and we will assist you in applying for compensation from the postal company. The specific compensation investigation time may be more than 6 weeks, and the final result is the postal company to determine whether the compensation has been compensated. Once we receive a response to confirm the compensation, we will promptly notify you. (Note: When the package is damaged, the compensation will not be paid according to the amount of insurance.)
  7. We are not responsible for the shipments that are sent by the shopping website or the shipper for less delivery, wrong delivery, no warehousing records, and no application for inspection services. It is recommended that if the warehousing weight is found to be different from the website delivery weight, the website should be separated If you ship goods or worry about the quality of the goods, please apply for inspection. The results of the inspection are the basis for after-sales claims.
  8. Regardless of whether it is family members, guards, colleagues, relatives and friends, etc., they will be regarded as signing for receipt. For packages that are normally signed, our company will not accept claims applications.

If you need to settle the claim, please contact customer service to submit relevant materials (including Chinese and English damage certificates, photos of damaged packages, etc.).

We shall not be liable for compensation under the following circumstances:

  1. Mail delivery delays or item losses caused by force majeure; (“Foreseeable factors” refer to unforeseen, cause and insurmountable objective factors, including flight delays or accidents, customs seizures, wars, earthquakes, typhoons, and floods , Fire and similar events)
  2. Articles sent and delivered in violation of the prohibition or restriction on sending, are confiscated by the competent authority or handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations;
  3. When the mail is delivered to the recipient, the outer packaging of the mail is intact, the seal is intact, there is no trace of damage or removal, and the recipient has handled and signed in accordance with the regulations, and the recipient only found out that the internal parts were short or damaged afterwards;
  4. When the mail is delivered to the recipient, the actual weight of the mail matches the weight indicated on the packing box, and the recipient has already handled and signed for it in accordance with the regulations, and the recipient discovered that the contents are short or damaged afterwards;
  5. The temporary delivery personnel of the recipient’s unit or residential area enters, or the mail is delayed or items are lost due to negligence within the collection agency;
  6. Collected by relatives and friends in the recipient’s address;
  7. Mail is delayed or lost due to the customer’s responsibility or the item itself;
  8. The customer has not inquired nor requested compensation from the date of mail delivery to the expiration of the inquiry period (from the date of mail delivery to four months);
  9. International mail is detained, confiscated or destroyed by the destination country in accordance with its domestic laws.

Customer’s responsibilities:

All related expenses incurred by express shipments during transportation, including freight, tariffs, substitution, customs-related expenses, government fines, and return freight charges, will be borne by the customer.

Our limited liability:

Due to aviation safety and other reasons, we have the right to open any package for inspection.

If the declaration and packaging are not in accordance with customs requirements, and the documents or certificates required by the customs are not provided, the consequences will be borne by the customer.

The budget principle for the damage and loss of express mail:

  1. Damaged:

1) The damage is found upon arrival at our warehouse, and we will notify the customer of this situation. We are not responsible.

2) damaged after shipping. If the original parcel is requested by the customer, we are not responsible for the claim compensation.

3) After we send it out, if it is damaged, if the customer appointed us to reinforce the packaging and paid the related expenses, please follow the “our exemption clause” to pay.

4) If the recipient does not specify damage on the receipt when signing for the receipt, it will be regarded as a good receipt.

  1. Lost:

1) Lost before arriving at our warehouse, that is, we did not sign for this item, which has nothing to do with us.

2) Lost after arriving at our warehouse, pay according to the actual value of the item and the replacement of maximun RM200.

  1. Claim procedure:

1) The customer fills in the application form for damage or loss.

2) We will deal with it in accordance with the procedures and “our exemption clause” after receiving it. The company reserves the right of final interpretation